Greencahin Walk

The Greenchain Walk is a network of footpaths in South East London linking green spaces in the Boroughs of Bexley, Greenwich, Southwark, Lewisham and Bromley.  CEL have worked on projects on the Greenchain Walk for several years. 

Footpath repairs and drainage

Using a combination of mini-diggers, dumpers and tractor mounted buckets we have excavated and installed Coxwell Gravel on over 2km of path on the Greenchain Walk. 

  • Beckenham Place Park
  • Jack Wood
  • Shooters Hill/Severndroog Castle
  • Oxleas Wood
  • Frank's Park
  • Lesnes Abbey Wood
  • Chinbrook Allotments
  • Lower Marvels Wood
  • Shrewsbury Park/Dot Hill

These areas have mostly been very wet ad/or steep sections where erosion had worn away the old path surface.  Land drains and steps were therefore often required.  The site were also mostly inaccessible to larger machinery. 

For example at Oxleas Wood the path runs through a Site of Scientific Importance and so no damage could be caused to surrounding habitats.  Also the nearest point for the delivery of the gravel was about 1km away.  We were able to transport the materials to the wood and install in on the path and only disturbed a 1.5m strip of land through the site.  Other contractors required a much wider strip (up to 5m) to take larger machines.  The use of small machines and experienced staff meant that we were able to complete over 100m in 3 days and at no extra cost compared to other contractors. . 

At Shooters Hill a steep path down from the car park at Severndroog Castle had become so eroded that at times in was virtually a stream.  CEL installed approximately 250 m of new path with a land drain to take the water off and 50 oak sleeper steps.  The slope was so steep that dumpers could not be used so all the material was transported using a powered wheel barrows.