Wilderness Island Access Improvements

Wilderness Island in Sutton is a nature reserve managed by London Wildlife Trust.  CEL were commissioned to re-surface the footpaths through the reserve and to make a narrow bridge wider and more accessible.

The paths were quite rough and narrow in places so Coxwell self-binding gravel was used to make a smooth accessible surface which blends in with the surrounding area.  Also it was necessary to re-route the path in places to avoid steep slopes and dangerous sections of the river bank. First the path was scraped to make it level.  Then wooden edge boards were positioned to contain the new gravel.  Finally the Coxwell gravel was installed and compacted to create the new surface.

The bridge spanned a channel of the River Wandle and consisted of a narrow concrete beam with metal handrails.  Although very narrow the bridge was structurally sound so instead of replacing the entire structure it was widened.  The metal handrails were removed and telegraph poles installed on each side of the concrete.  A new wooden deck was then built supported by the poles and beam.  The handrails were replaced and a non-slip wooden surface installed.