Meadow Management

Many flower rich grasslands are managed as meadows by cutting in mid to late summer and removing the hay.  Complete Ecology are well set up to take on these type of contract. Using a mixture of compact tractor mounted hay cutters, flails and rakes, pedestrian mowers and hand held strimmers and other tools we have experience of managing many meadows where other contractors have been unable or unwilling to carry out the work. For more information see Meadow management .

Scrub control and clearance

If grassland are left un-managed they quite quickly get scrubbed over with hawthorn and other woody plants.  If left long enough they would develop into woodland.  This may be the aim of management but in many cases the grassland itself is the important habitat and supports many species which would be lost.  Many species rich grassland have been lost in recent years through this process but it is often not too late.  The wild flower can survive in some cases for many years and if the scrub is cleared they make a comeback.  CEL have been involved in many projects to do just this; for example at Hutchinson's Bank, Chapel Bank and Saltbox Hill on the North Downs. 


Grassland restoration

Sometimes simply changing the management is not enough the restore species rich grassland and other techniques have to be used:

  • The grassland can be broken up by raking or rotovating and then wild flower seeds can be sowing over the top.
  • The top soil can be stripped back to the infertile sub-soil underneath and then area sown with wild flower seeds.  
  • Hay from species rich meadows can be spread over the top of the grassland to add seeds of other species. 
  • The grassland can be broken up by raking or rotovating and then left to allow natureal regeneration to take place as new species colonise.

CEL have a great deal of experience of this type of work and able to use hand tools and/or tractor mounted equipment to establish meadows.